The purpose of the Missouri On-site Wastewater Improvement Grant-Loan program is to provide financing for homeowners seeking to make improvements to, or replace their on-site wastewater treatment system, which will improve Missouri’s water quality.  The program is funded by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and delivered by Missouri’s regional planning commissions and councils of government.

Homeowners Responsibilities:

Approved borrowers are responsible for procuring services related to the project. A minimum of three bids must be received for all project related expenses.  If costs are less than $5,000, a minimum of three phone bids are required.  If costs are greater than $5,000 a minimum of three written bids are required.  The lowest bidder should be selected.  If not, the homeowner must provide justification for not selecting the lowest bidder and request approval from the local regional planning commission.

Homeowners participating in the program must agree to an ongoing maintenance agreement, at their expense, for any advanced treatment system.  Wastewater treatment improvements will be owned by the borrower.

Applicants must certify they will provide appropriate system maintenance over the life of the loan; attend training on operating and maintaining the system; and periodically have the system inspected to insure it is operating properly.  The inspection schedule will be determined by the type of system being installed, but must be performed at least every 5 years.

Documents Required to Process Loan:

  • Complete and sign the Loan Application (Onsite Wastewater Loan Application)
  • Copy of warranty deed
  • Violation notice (if applicable) from local health department
  • Latest tax return
  • Cost estimate of project

How to Apply: 

Application packets are available online at or by contacting the office at 573-565-2203.

For more information regarding eligible borrowers, eligible activities and loan terms, please call our office. 

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Onsite Wastewater Loan Application

Fact Sheet

Onsite Brochure