MOBroadbandnow Initiative

mobroadbandnow with background

The MOBroadbandNow Initiative was created to develop public – private partnerships to expand the reach of affordable, high speed internet access to 95% of all Missourians by the end of 2014.

The Mark Twain COG has created Regional Technology Planning Teams (RTPT) which includes citizens, representatives from higher education, schools, private sector, utilities, libraries, agricultural and many others.

The COG will be working with the sectors to obtain public input on the broadband needs that exist in the region. The COG will also coordinate with the RTPT to development an eight county regional broadband strategic plan that identifies the gaps in service and affordability for the Mark Twain region. Consultants of the State will assist in facilitating RTPT meetings, as well as provide data, technical assistance and information during the planning process.

For more information regarding the our MOBroadbandNow activities and the Governor’s initiative please see the MOBroadBandNow website.

Mark Twain Regional Plans and Surveys

You will need to obtain a tool such as Adobe Reader to download the files below, it's a free download.

Mark Twain Broadband Availability Adoption Strategic Report 05-2012

Mark Twain Attachments Broadband Availability Adoption Strategic Report 05-2012