2016-17 RHSOC Region B Discipline Representatives
Chairman: Mike Kindle
Vice Chairman: Burnie Hicks

Name Affiliation Discipline
Jerry Fenton
Shelbina Police Department Municipal Police
Phil Beeler
Schuyler County Emergency Management
Emergency Services
Margaret Lees
Sullivan County 911 911
Glenn Eagan
Shelby County County Commissioners
Stan East
Adair County EMD
Emergency Mgmt. Directors
Tom Collins
Kirksville Fire Department
Jim LeBaron
Adair County Health Department Health
Damon Jaeger
Hannibal Fire Department Homeland Regional Response Teams
Dana Tarpening
City of Brookfield Mayors/City Administrators
Burnie Hicks
City of Brookfield
Public Works
Kevin Shoemaker
Macon County Sheriff
Annette Sweet
Ameren UE Utility Companies
Sheila McCarty
Mike Hale
Hannibal Regional Hospital Hospitals
Adam Dawdy
Macon Public Schools Schools