Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District

The Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments provides administrative services for the Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District Region G. The District serves as a regional solid waste planning agency for the counties of Macon, Shelby, Marion, Randolph, Monroe, Ralls and Pike. Region G Solid Waste District is designated with the purpose of assisting in the development of local and regional waste reduction by providing assistance through grants to individuals, private and non-profit sectors.

The Executive Board for the Solid Waste District is comprised of a County Commissioner from each of the seven counties. The Executive Board provides guidance in the development of policies that pertain to the management of solid waste. The District is working towards setting goals within the seven member counties that will promote recycling and the use of earth friendly products.

Education programs are being developed that will teach the importance of recycling to school age children. The Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District is funded by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

MTSWD Board of Directors and Members

Chairman | Presiding Commissioner Alan Wyatt

Vice Chairman | Presiding Commissioner Mike Minor

Secretary | Presiding Commissioner John Truesdell

Treasurer | Commissioner Wiley Hibbard


Macon County | Presiding Commissioner Alan Wyatt

Marion County | Commissioner Steve Begley

Monroe County | Presiding Commissioner Mike Minor

Pike County | Presiding Commissioner Chris Gamm

Ralls County | Commissioner Wiley Hibbard

Randolph County | Presiding Commissioner John Truesdell

Shelby County | Commissioner Tom Shively