RHSOC for Region B

The Missouri Office of Homeland Security was established on September 26, 2001 with Missouri being the first state in the nation to create an Office of Homeland Security in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Local communities are focused and engaged in Missouri's homeland security program through the establishment of nine regional advisory groups, called Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees (RHSOCs). RHSOCs fall under the governance structure of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Executive Order 05-20 was signed on July 21, 2005, moving the Missouri Office of Homeland Security to the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

In 2006, the State of Missouri established eleven Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees (RHSOCs) in the State for the purpose of developing regionally focused Homeland Security programs. 

The Region B RHSOC includes the counties of Adair, Chariton, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Linn, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Putnam, Ralls, Randolph, Schuyler, Scotland, Shelby and Sullivan. 

The Mark Twain Regional COG serves as the Lead Regional Planning Commission for Region B RHSOC.  As a result, the Council serves as the fiscal agent and oversees the day to day operations of the Committee.

The Region B RHSOC is comprised of fifteen individual disciplines, each having a primary and alternate representative. The Committee’s primary goal is to make critical decisions on how to expend localized grant  funding and to insure that these decisions are made on a regional level, improve working relationships  among regional emergency managers, develop local leadership capabilities and expand the number of  disciplines that participate in the field of emergency management. The Region B RHSOC meets quarterly.

Proactive efforts of the Region B RHSOC have directly benefited the citizens in the sixteen county region. The Region B RHSOC has provided representation on a number of state committees, provided training for agricultural risk mitigation and funded updates to critical mapping data for 911 Centers.

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Region B RHSOC Board Members

2018-19 RHSOC Region B Discipline Representatives

Chairman: Tom Yates

Vice Chairman: Mike Kindle

Name Affiliation Discipline
Tom Bunnelll Brookfield Police Department Municipal Police
Darryl Noll Chariton County Ambulance Emergency Services
Mike Kindle Macon County 911 911
Dick King Linn County County Commissioners
John Hark Hannibal-Marion County EMD Emergency Mgmt. Directors
George Albert Moberly Fire Department Fire
Mark Snyder Macon County Health Department Health
Mark Wellman City of Kirksville Homeland Regional Response Teams
Vacant Mayors/City Administrators
Glenn Balliew City of Kirksville Public Works
Joe Wuebker Schuyler County Sheriff Sheriffs
Zach Jones Associated Electic Cooperative Utility Companies
Cheryl Blaise Macon County MRC Volunteers
Keith Mosely Hannibal Regional Hospital Hospitals
Lori Perry Moberly Area Community College Schools

SEMA and EMD Contacts

County Contact Telephone No.

Adair Robert Harwick 660-665-4644
Chariton Eric McKenzie 660-973-0353
Clark Jim Sherwood 660-727-2512
Knox Zach Summers 660-397-3251
Linn Justin Griffin 660- 734-5127
Lewis David Keith 573-248-4789
Macon Cindy Arbuckle 660-676-4776
Marion John Hark 573-221-5346
Monroe Steve Jones 660-327-5106
Putnam Paul Andrew 660-947-2674
Ralls Brian Reed 573-719-7347
Randolph Jim Charrier 660-269-8705
Schuyler Phil Beeler 660-457-3842
Scotland Duane Ebeling 660-465-7027
Shelby Glenn Eagan 573-633-2181
Sullivan Dennis Goldsmith 660-265-5619