Randolph County Local Government Officials

Randolph County, Missouri

Randolph County Website

Population: 25,529

Randolph County Courthouse

372 Hwy JJ

Huntsville, MO 65259

Phone: 844-277-6555

Presiding Commissioner: John Truesdell

Associate Commissioners: John Hobbs  and Robert Wilcox

County Clerk: Will Ellis

Recorder: Mark Price

Assessor: Kevin Stone

Collector: Shiela Miller

Treasurer: Penny Henry

Prosecuting Attorney: Mike Fusselman

Public Administrator: Mary Jo Colley

Circuit Clerk: Michelle Chapman

Sheriff: Mark Nichols

Map of Cairo, Missouri


Cairo, Missouri

Population: 292

Mayor: Jerry Frans

Clerk: Nancy Bragg

P.O. Box 14

Cairo, MO 65239

Phone: 660-263-0850

Map of Clark, Missouri


Clark, Missouri

Population: 298

Mayor: Jamie Dougherty

Clerk: Mark Hibbs

Box 118

Clark, MO 65243

Phone: 573-641-5713

Map of Clifton Hill, Missouri


Clifton Hill, Missouri

Population: 114

Mayor: Oliver Penton

Clerk: Beverly Dodson

P.O. Box 19

Clifton Hill, MO 65244

Phone: 660-261-4257

Map of Higbee, Missouri


Higbee, Missouri

Population: 568

Mayor: Carl Wheeler

Clerk: Daina Derbosen

P.O. Box 156

Higbee, MO 65257

Phone: 660-456-7414

Map of Huntsville, Missouri


Huntsville, Missouri

Population: 1,564

Mayor: Frank Miller

Clerk: Linda Haffecke

205 S. Main Street

Huntsville, MO 65259

Phone: 660-277-3110

Map of Jacksonville, Missouri


Jacksonville, Missouri

Population: 151

Chairman: John Harkness

Clerk: Charlene Barron

P.O. Box 86

Jacksonville, MO 65260

Phone: 660-676-7337

Map of Moberly, Missouri


Moberly, Missouri

Population: 13,863

Mayor: Jerry Jeffrey

City Manager: Brian Crane

Clerk: D.K. Galloway

101 W. Reed

Moberly, MO 65270

Phone: 660-269-8705

Map of Renick, Missouri


Renick, Missouri

Population: 172

Chairman: John Muhe

Clerk: Linda Brooks

P.O. Box 77

Renick, MO 65278

Phone: 660-263-2353